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The SBO’s fifth studio album ‘Russian Tapestries’ chronicles some of Russia’s finest folk music and may well be the most accomplished release to date from the orchestra.  Producing a CD is a very expensive process and over the last 13 years the orchestra has produced four CDs on very tight budgets. They always knew this sometimes limited the quality of their music and so in 2013 they made a decision to spare no expense in producing a CD, which would truly reflect the talent and versatility of the orchestra.


For the production of ‘Russian Tapestries’ the orchestra engaged a professional sound engineer from Origami Studios and recorded their music at a famous Sydney venue, Studio 301 at St.Peters.  Musicians come from overseas to record here and this is the studio of choice used by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.


It is a tribute to the orchestra’s Musical Director Victor Serghie and the musicians’ professionalism that the orchestra put 20 tracks down in just two days.  This is quite remarkable when you consider professional orchestras will often spend a day putting down a single track.


With the involvement of all the members the CD name of ‘Russian Tapestries’ was chosen and 13 of the 20 tracks selected for this CD.  Victor and others spent several sessions on post production editing and mastering and Sophia Markovtzev, our singer, designed the artwork.


Producing this CD was a rich and rewarding experience for all the members.  Truly, they are not a team made up of professionals but rather, a very professional team, a tribute to their Musical Director, Victor Serghie.

Russian Tapestries.jpg

Released: June 2014

List of Songs

01. Little Birch Tree (Trad. Russian Folk)
02. Field Grasses (Mus E. Pitchkin)
03. Mar Diandia (Mus A. Tsigankov)
04. Smuglianka Moldovanka (Mus A. Novikov)
05. Fantasia En Mi Mineur (Mus. A. Astier)
06. Little Cobweb (Mus L. Liadova)
07. Concerto for Cimbalom (Mus D. Smolsky)
08. What Stirs My Heart (Mus T. Hrennikov)
09. Memory Waltz (Mus M. Michele)
10. Oh Snowball (Mus G. Ponomarenko)
11. Asturias (Mus I. Albeniz)
12. Galloping Troika (Mus P. Bulahov)
13. Peddlers (Mus V. Ditel)

Instrumental Pieces
#01, 09 & 013

Accordion Soloist+ Orchestra
#05 (Richard She)

Cimbalom Soloist + Orchestra
#07 (Lucy Voronova)

Domra Soloist + Orchestra
#03 (Tanya Jeptha)

Guitar Soloist + Orchestra
#11 (Jacob Wielgosz)

Vocal Pieces
#02, 06 & 10 (Sophia Markovtzev)
#04, 08 & 12 (Vladimir Shvedov)

V. Serghie 
L. Voronov #07
J. Wielgosz #11

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